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Basketball 🏀 Players and coaches needed

Wilshire is looking for basketball players and coaches:

Biddy (4-7 years olds)- 20 openings
2 coaches needed

10 under division- 6 openings /
2 coaches needed

12 under division – 8 openings
1 coach needed

14 under – 7 openings
1 coach needed

2nd grade division (coed) – 7 openings

3/4 grade Boys- 2 openings
1 coach needed

5/6 grade Boys- 0 openings

7/8 grade boys- 3 openings

3/4 grade girls- 8 openings
1 coach needed

5/6 grade girls 6 openings

7/8 grade girls 3 openings

If interested in coaching any division please reach out to us ASAP!!

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🏒 Family Fun Fundraiser 🏒

The Thunderbird Hockey team is hosting The Wilshire Athletic Association for a family fun evening.

Please join us in the fundraiser to benefit the Organization and the children who play.

You can purchase the tickets by scanning the QR code on the above flier, or contact T-bird Rep Jonathan Stone.

Tickets are priced at $15.00each.

Thank you for you continued support.

Wilshire Board

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