Championship Game 🏀🥇🏆

Friday March 8th, 2019

The Wilshire 7/8 CYO Girls Falcon Basketball Team played in the championship game against Agawam. This team was dealing with many injuries this season and during this game. With many players out due to concussions, the rest of the team stepped up and played their hearts out. The Wilshire Falcons Coached by Craig finished the season with another win and finished the season in 1st place.

Great Job Falcons and coaches on a great season!

Also had two more divisional team champions this. Basketball season.

The Wilshire Thunder Boys CYO 3/4 coached by Pat Gottschlict won their divisional bracket. This was a close and hard fought game. The Tunder took possession with five seconds left in the game and down by two points. It was during those five seconds that they shot a 3 pointer to win the game.

Thank you Thunder, Coach and parents!

The CYO 7/8 boys also won their Divisional bracket as well. The Wilshire Loonet Tunes coaches by Steve Martin played a great game.

Thank you Looney Tunes, coaches and parent for a great season.

A big Congratulations for all the members of the Wilshire Teams, coaches and families!

Thank you for an amazing season.

Wilshire Board