Fall Soccer Skills Sessions

Hello All Wilshire Families,

We hope that you are all doing well throughout these challenging times. We can assure you that we are missing all of your energy and smiling faces in athletics as normal. We do however want to give you the opportunity to take part in something that will provide your children with a chance to get out on the field and stay active.

The registration form for our 2nd set of Fall Soccer Skills Sessions has just been added to this website. We just completed our first “3 session” set of soccer skills and drill and found that it was a success. We are encouraging all parents to sign their children up and come out to join us for the next round. With Fall Soccer as normal being affected by the Coronavirus Pandemic, this is a great opportunity for kids to get out and get some exercise, practice their soccer skills and also be around other kids their age. In keeping within State and Local guidelines, We are making sure to follow all necessary requirements to make these events safe for everyone involved.


Wilshire AA